Feel NuGet Packages Folder Sucks?

NuGet 1.6 introduced a stunning function for dependency management (the phrase, i reckon, is not so popular in .NET community, while it seems hot in others like Java, Ruby, etc.)

With which, you can Enabling Using NuGet Without Checking In Packages Folder (in our project which winded up had 150MB files).

As our engineering team is using Github as source control tool. Our project repository goes nuts, becomes massive. The model we are using is a single integration repository with a handful of feature repositories.


Which means if you want all feature repositories setup you are going to download 150MB x 4 = 600MB… well, kick off git clone and go to make a dozen cups of tea or coffee.

This is not a good practice at all, so this post http://coderjournal.com/2011/12/cleaning-up-your-git-repository-for-nuget-1-6/ helps you get rid of packages, and further, clean the repository history tree (you don’t want to keep those files in the history as well).

What we get instead cleaner and tinier repository? For me, at least I get better sense of dependency management.


2 thoughts on “Feel NuGet Packages Folder Sucks?

  1. I share that feeling.
    Good to see they take decision to involve resources in that way.
    For previous version, you could have done it by yourself adding NuGet command line tool to the PATH and setting-up a pre-build condition to retrieve packages:
    nuget install $(ProjectDir)packages.config -o $(SolutionDir)packages

    • One more thing come to my mind…
      By introducing the external dependencies (enabling restore NuGet packages), sometimes compiling fails because packages are not downloaded properly.
      To fix that, just compile again until all packages are downloaded correctly, and it never fails :)

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