#Appfest Sydney

#appfest sydney

Just spent 3 days join in the #Appfest Sydney since last Friday. Got a little bit tired. But it’s absolutely fantastic. This event is about windows 8 app, windows phone app and windows azure.

As I join the session of building apps for two platforms, talked by Microsoft technical evangelist, Nick Hodge. He is funny, and his style is somewhat like Scott Hanselman to me.

Shane Morris shared very good slides at keynote session for designing windows and windows phone app.


What I got from this 3-day event? A lot of freebies, fantastic catering, and most of all, the tips of designing and building windows, windows phone apps.

Mentors are very helpful. So there are many good ideas generated. I really enjoyed. Thanks for organizing such an event. And I decided to start my journey of building windows apps.