Sublime Code Preview

Sublime Code Preview, a Sublime Text package, inspired by Visual Studio Web Essentials.

sublime code preview ui

Sublime Code Preview UI

Excitingly, my package get merged into sublime package community list last weekend. And within a week, I got a pull request from Carl Furrow. Carl says it is the beauty of the open source. Anyway, it does make me feel so social in the bits and bytes world ;)

This package is totally inspired by Visual Studio Web Essential, which has a awesome code preview window for CoffeeScript, TypeScript etc. I really like feedback it provides as I am writing the code. So I ended up with this package provide similar code preview tool for Sublime Text.

The source code is hosted on github, feel free to contribute new features to the project!


#Appfest Challenge

After #Appfest Sydney, I decided to participate in #Appfest Challenge. The challenge was requiring the participants to build 4 Windows Store apps within a month. I had a lot of fun from building Windows Store apps, and luckily, I won the challenge :) This ASUS VivoTab RT is the prize for the winner.

appfest challenge prize

Here are my apps built for the competition.

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