#Appfest Challenge

After #Appfest Sydney, I decided to participate in #Appfest Challenge. The challenge was requiring the participants to build 4 Windows Store apps within a month. I had a lot of fun from building Windows Store apps, and luckily, I won the challenge :) This ASUS VivoTab RT is the prize for the winner.

appfest challenge prize

Here are my apps built for the competition.

Hangout Tonight


This app is built for exploring new places to hangout. This app is finished in C# and XAML. And data is coming from foursquare API.

Aussie Financial Kit


This Windows Store app contains a handful tools for Australian Tax calculation. The app mainly uses HTML, CSS, JavaScript. But the calculation engine uses CoffeeScript.

KISS Period Tracker


Another app built purely in HTML, CSS and JavaScript on top of WinJS. This app is built for my wife and it turns out to be the most popular one among the four apps so far. ;)

Fridge Buddy


I really want such an app to scratch my itch. This is the first app I have ever built and it uses C# and XAML.

Challenge Accomplished

It was harder than I expected. It is hard because my laptop is a bit too small to do serious developing. So I borrowed my my wife’s 17-inch MacBook Pro as a extend screen.


It is tough also because it took a lot of my spare time to commit. Thanks to my wife for the understanding to give me enough time to achieve this <3


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