Multi-user WordPress Hosted by IIS

I’ve been playing WebMatrix for open source projects. For Say you can start a WordPress instance with just a few clicks. It installs all the pre-requisites like MySQL database and PHP. Then downloads WordPress and bootstraps the configuration. All happens within just a couple of minutes. Which is amazing.

Everything goes well until you start to enable multi-site aka Network feature. The setup requires the site hosting on port 80. So I have to change the IIS Express binding and put a new entry to my local hosts registration. And I have to start WebMatrix as administrator.

This seems to be fine and it asks to update the web.config with new URL rewrite. But when I visit the sub-site. The address is not able to be resolved. After I asked the Dr. Google which led me to this post. There provides a better rewrite rules. Now everything works like a magic. ;)