Handy Tools

This page shares a list of different tools I came across and find them handy (or at least interesting). I hope you find them helpful as well.

Diagraming Tools

As developers, we draw (doodle) quite often. It help us think through the design. And it has lots of fun ;)

  • draw.io provides a very rich package for diagraming. Flow Chart, UML, ER Diagram, Wireframe, Azure & AWS components, etc.
  • wireframe.cc, minimal wireframing tool.
  • asciidraw and asciiflow are two funny tool to draw flow charts in ascii characters.

Keyboard Friendly Diagraming Tools

Developers tend to be efficient (lazy) individuals. If we can get stuff done by only keyboard, we don’t bother to use mouse at all. I started to use vim a while back and it was fantastic. So I started to collect and use keyboard friendly diagraming tools.


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